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Specialized Cleaning Professionals in Montreal

Part of company management includes the cleanliness of premises and equipment. Your partners in this field should be able to handle regular cleaning as well as more complex structures or items, in all circumstances. In Montreal, the specialized cleaning services offered by AquaBlanc ensure you get irreproachable results. We achieve this due to the experience and efficiency of our staff, as well as the use of appropriate technology.

Cleaning on Construction Sites

We have a solid and unmatched reputation for cleaning construction sites and the experience to go with it. We have excelled in this type of specialized service for years, and work in close collaboration with the largest construction companies in Quebec, including Broccolini, Construction Giffels Ltd. (now Pomerleau), and Standard Life.

We have more than 100 cleaned construction sites to our credit, in very diverse business environments:

  • Places of entertainment, culture, and tourism

  • Restaurant chains

  • Retail stores

  • Malls

  • Grocery store chains

  • Provincial public buildings

  • Private companies

  • Automotive and commercial transportation

  • Real estate development   

Before, During and After Construction

Before undertaking a construction site cleaning project, AquaBlanc's approach is to offer the best consulting service to construction contractors, in order to establish the projected budgets and develop a specific cleaning estimate. Providing qualified, journeymen or attendant staff, with the required cards is also part of our services during construction. Finally, we take care of the final cleaning of the premises before delivery to the customer.

Takes On Your Challenges!

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October 2013

In collaboration with its business partner Broccolini, AquaBlanc carried out a post-construction cleaning project of more than 10,000 hours, employing more than a hundred workers, for more than 800,000 square feet cleaned, in the 8 Target stores in the greater Montreal area in 2013.

Rapid Removal of Graffiti

We have developed an effective method at a very competitive price to clean graffiti off school walls, signage, lockers, etc. We quickly remove words, phrases and drawings on various types of coatings:

  • Concrete

  • Brick

  • Stone

  • Aluminum

Since 1999, several municipalities have been fining companies that leave these drawings on their walls for too long.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

We use a factory truck to thoroughly clean your commercial and industrial carpets. Flawless results, in no time, for a single cleaning or as part of a regular maintenance plan. With AquaBlanc, there is no office too small or too big! Request your quote today.

Safe Cleaning of Escalators

Manually cleaning moving stairs is a difficult and tedious task, with uncertain results. We will handle it! Our experts use equipment specially designed for this purpose: the integrated suction system, the high-performance polishing pad and the "Grit Nylon" brush ensure thorough cleaning of your equipment and restore the original luster of the metal.

By using AquaBlanc, you adopt a safe practice that eliminates the risks associated with manual cleaning. Indeed, our process rids your stairs of any substance that may be dangerous, thus avoiding the risk of accidents for your employees or customers.

Cleaning of Outdoor and Indoor Parking Areas

AquaBlanc offers a complete cleaning and maintenance program adapted to the needs of specific parking spaces such as office towers, universities, shopping centers, condominium towers and many others. We can effectively maintain average areas ranging from 25,000 sq. ft. to 200,000 sq. ft. This service also applies to surrounding areas, such as stairwells.

Our Work Technique

  • Complete sweeping of asphalt or cement coating (removal of sand, small gravel, containers, paper and other waste)

  • Disposal of waste

  • Application of a cleaner-degreaser designed for concrete and asphalt surfaces. This product contains a balanced blend of alkaline adjuvants and wetting agents that provide maximum surface penetration to dislodge greasy dirt and stubborn oils, while by producing a clean surface without residues after rinsing.

  • Brushing where necessary with special attention to ground signage.

Our prices sweep away the competition! Learn more from an AquaBlanc representative.

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